Rico Knitting Idea Compact 1145

Corrections Knitting Idea Compact 1145

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Using 10 mm needles, thumb method and M, cast on
69 sts.
1st Row. K2, *p1, k1, rep from * to last st, k1.
2nd Row. K1, *p1, k1, rep from * to end.
These 2 rows set rib.
Work 5 rows more in rib.
8th Row. P5, p2tog, (p5, p2tog) 8 times, p6. 60 sts. **
Joining in and breaking off colours where necessary
work from Back chart (throughout) as follows:
1st Row. K30M, k3C, k27M from 1st row of Back chart.
2nd Row. K1M, p25M, p5C, p28M, k1M from 2nd row
of Back chart.
1st and 2nd rows set st-st (stocking stitch) with edge sts.
Working in st-st with edge sts (throughout) and commencing
with 3rd row of chart work 32 rows more.
Shape Armholes
Work from 35th to 40th row of chart as follows:
Cast off 2 sts at beg of next 4 rows. 52 sts.
Cast off 1 st at beg of next 2 rows. 50 sts.
Cont straight until 68th row of chart has been completed.
Cast off. […]