Art Materials


The benefit of the gouache paints is that they are used for both opaque and glazed painting techniques. For example, they can be painted on canvas or cardboard in opaque layers of paint. On the other hand, the colors can be diluted with a little water and painted on (watercolor) paper and then create great colour gradients, similar to watercolors. This results in a variety of painting techniques that can be implemented with the gouache colours.

Pouring medium

Acrylic pouring is a hot topic for art and craft lovers. The liquid acrylic medium creates different designs using the pouring- and funnel techniques on canvas. With each pour, different fantastic effects will be achieved.


Our portfolios of gray cardboard are ideal for collecting, sorting and storing documents or drawings. Small works of art are securely packed in the folders and easy to transport. The simple gray leaves plenty of space for individual painting or posting.

Art acrylic spray paint

With the Art Acrylic Spray Paint from our brand new product family „Art“ we present new generation of acrylic sprays. The fast-drying and weatherproof paint dries silk-matt and is therefore perfect for artists and anyone who wants to become one.


With our easels you can wonderfully realize your art projects. We offer robust easels in different sizes for various canvases.


Hand writing is the current trend. Our products are suitable for beginners and advanced. Next to a high quality calligraphy kit and watercolours with a wide colour range, we also offer super water tank brushes for letter artwork where any colour can be created.

Transfer foil

The application is very simple: Apply the glue, place the foil on the glue and transfer under slight pressure, remove the foil. The foil adheres only to the adhesive points.