Rico Baby 37 – model 9




Using 3 mm needles, thumb method and A,

cast on 69[75:81:89] sts loosely.

1st row (rs). * K1, p1, rep from * to last st, k1.

2nd row. As 1st row.

These 2 rows form moss-st (moss stitch).

Working in moss-st (throughout) and beginning

with 3rd row of stripe sequence cont until back

measures 14[17.5:21:26] cm (5½[6¾:8¼:10¼] in)

ending with a ws row.

Shape Sleeve

Next row. Patt to end, cast on 34[38:46:56] sts.

137[151:173:201] sts.

Cont in moss-st and stripe sequence until

sleeve measures 10[10.5:11:12] cm

(4[4:4¼:4¾] in) from last cast on sts, ending with

a ws row.

Cast off in moss-st.