Yarn collection

Fashion Alpaca Vibes

Fashion Alpaca Vibes impresses with a special structure. A kind of fluffy nep is worked into the thin yarn creating a super cool knit with voluminous effects. The yarn is characterised by harmonious as well as extraordinary colour combinations.

Creative Wooly Waves

Creative Wooly Waves is an exciting flame yarn with closely twined and loose spun parts. This results in an irregularly thick thread, which creates an exciting loop structure.

Creative Chic Unique

In Creative Chic Unique, two threads with different colour gradients are combined in order to create an exciting colour mix. As the colour parts have a different length and there will always be different shades which hit each other in the twist. Each ball and each garment knitted from this yarn is totally unique. The colour palette includes impressive colours.

Creative Filz Print

Our Creative Filz Print is specially developed for knitted felt accessories. First, the thread is knitted normally. Afterwards, the garment has to be washed in the washing machine in order to felt it. Clogs, baskets or table sets can easily be designed using this yarn.

Fashion Alpaca Cozy Up!

Fashion Alpaca Cozy Up! Is a super cosy thick alpaca yarn. Super-fast results can be achieved with its voluminous thread – perfect for cosy garments and accessories.

Fashion Fluorino dk

Fashion Fluorino dk impresses with a special zigzag structure and bright neon highlights. The Merino part makes this yarn super soft. The zigzag structured yarn is easy to knit. For the launch there will be five modern shades.

Fashion Light Luxury Hand-Dyed

Our soft fluffy yarn Fashion Light Luxury is now also available in a hand-dyed version. Each ball of Fashion Light Luxury Hand-Dyed impresses with extreme harmonious colour combinations. In total the colour palette includes five modern shades.

Luxury Baby Alpaca & Merino chunky – Madly in Love

Luxury Baby Alpaca & Merino chunky – Madly in Love is an unbelievably soft and light Alpaca mix for modern clothes and accessories. The high-quality yarn is launched in five Melange colours in natural shades. The yarn creates a wonderful loop structure.

Luxury Hand-dyed Happiness chunky

Our hand-dyed yarn Luxury Hand-dyed Happiness, which is known for its dk version, is now available as a thicker chunky variant. Six different expressive colours with individual prints invite crafters to knit or crochet unique projects.

Essentials Mega Wool Tweed chunky

Our popular Essentials Mega Wool chunky yarn is now available in fantastic tweed variations. The tweed neps compliment trend colour accents. The yarn is launched in seven modern shades.

Essentials Super Tweed super chunky

Our well established Essentials Super super chunky yarn is now also available in a Tweed version. The tweed-look comes from a separate thread in the yarn, so very different to viscose neps in classic tweed yarns. The thread creates an interesting loop structure with tweed effect. Essentials Super Tweed super chunky is available in six colours.

Creative Melange Big Tweed super chunky

Tweed and colour gradients are absolutely trendy. Creative Melange Big Tweed super chunky combines these two trends. The neps in neon colours deliver bright accents to the muted colour gradients. The yarn is available in a light and dark version.

Creative Melange Wonderball

Even a ball of Creative Melange Wonderball aran is an eye-catcher. The name says it all: The lush 200g ball shows the interesting colour gradients of the virgin wool mixture which creates a harmonious Mélange while knitting.

Creative Lazy Hazy Summer Cotton

Our novelty Creative Lazy Hazy Summer Cotton is a special yarn which has a solid core colour wrapped with an additional print coloured thread. This twisted thread looks absolutely stunning in knitted clothes or accessories. The yarn is available in numerous of colours which are from shades of pastel to bold.


Our new yarn at the fashion assortment is called Fashion Cotton Double Printed and has two beautiful prints overlaid in perfect harmony. Besides the lovely colour gradient there is also partly defined dabs of colour, which creates an absolute stunning knitted look- perfect for a trend look for the summer.


Our popular cotton blend yarn Fashion Cotton Light and Long is extended as delightful Tweed option. This yarn is characterised by its light and voluminous makeup with a very soft touch and also with a remarkable meterage. The beautiful and unique colour gradient of Fashion Cotton Light and Long Tweed harmonises perfectly with the tweedy neps.


Creative Fluffyly combines fleece and glitter- an exciting combination! The balls are presented with a cylindrical shape and are available in a wide range of trendy colours. The knitted yarn creates a sparkling and fluffy look.


We have extended the yarn assortment with a new macramé yarn Creative Cotton Cord made of 100% cotton. This yarn is designed for macramé and as such has a robust structure cord-optic. The rope like material is ideal for tied handbags, wall hangings and many more gorgeous accessories. A trendy range of colours is an inspiration for many fashionable handmade home accessories.


We extended our yarn assortment with a new and delicate ribbon yarn. This trendy yarn is produced from 100% bamboo fibre and perfect for fresh summer looks and accessories. There are seven fabulous pastel shades all designed to combined beautifully.


The cotton blend Creative Cotton Colour coated includes ten modern colours by now. The knitted ribbon results in an impressive striped spray-print-look.


Creative Cotton Zickzack - The yarn with an exciting zig zag structure - is complemented by five colours, which create a totaly new spray-print-look. In the ball, as well as in the knitted garment, the yarn impresses with this special look.


Even the ball of our yarn Fashion Colour Spin impresses with its exciting look, which allows a great inside view into the great colour gradient of the ribbon yarn. The colour palette offers nine modern shades from now on.


Our fine print yarn Creative Melange Lace is due to its filigree thread the ideal yarn for garments with stylish lace patterns – perfect for summery accessories like light shawls and scarves! We extend the quality by three new colours.


In Fashion Silk Blend dk unite silk, nylon and cotton to create a high quality yarn. The exciting silk blend impresses with the special twist of the thread, which gives the knitted pieces a sumptuous look. Six new colours bring an even wider selection.


The yarn quality Fashion Balance has an exciting yarn structure, which is produced by the unique twine of the thread. The gently shining yarn creates great garments with an impressive shimmer effect.


Our cotton blend Fashion Cotton Métallisé dk with its metallic thread is perfect for knitting glamorous garments and accessories. Six new shades promise extraordinary knitted garments with great glitter effects.


The 100 % vegan yarn Creative Silky Touch dk impresses with a fine shimmer. Five new colours inspire to create incredibly soft knitting projects. The 100 g ball consists of 100 % premium micro acrylic, which makes this quality incredibly soft.


Our super comfortable summer yarn Fashion Jersey is predestined for light summer knits. The yarn can be knitted very easily and results in a clear, even structure. We complement this popular cotton blend by five modern colours.


Essentials Super Kid Mohair Loves Silk is supplemented by five new colours. The soft and at the same time very fine yarn, is perfect for tops and light shawls.


The quality Creative Sport dk consists of an equal amount of cotton and polyacrylic. The light, soft thread is predestined for summery garments and accessories. In this season, the colour palette is supplemented by three strong colours.