Ricorumi Element Heads

We will take you on an imaginative journey into the world of the four elements. From our new Ricorumi yarns we have designed super cute crochet figures that move in the elements of air, fire, water and earth. Here you can meet the moon, two suns, mother earth, the ocean and many other figures. Each figure you can find exciting colour gradients and lovely details in. We crochet with our brand new yarns Ricorumi Spin Spin, which conjures up super beautiful colour gradients, and Ricorumi Twinkly Twinkly, which is upgraded with a sparkling glitter thread. Spin Spin comes in a practical 50g ball – this makes it easy to see the gradients and you can also crochet slightly larger figures with them. With the help of the explanations in our step-by-step instructions, all figures are easy to implement.