Ricorumi Baby Blankies

In this booklet you will learn how to crochet baby blankies with cute animal heads for babies and toddlers. Whether cute rabbit, happy frog or motley parrot – we depict a wide range of animals that are at home on land, in the water and in the air. The blankies are crocheted from the saliva- proof cotton yarns Ricorumi dk and Ricorumi Spin Spin dk. We offer four crochet sets to match the booklet, which include instructions, crochet hook, embroidery needle, yarn and also toy stuffing – a great gift idea for birth, baptism or just because ...

Ricorumi Just Bees + Fruits + Flowers

Bees, flowers and fruits are inseparable and symbolise the cycle of nature. This booklet pays homage to the symbiotic relationship between bees and plants. Sweet bees meet graphic flowers as well as stylised strawberries and cherries from the handy 25g balls of our popular cotton yarn Ricorumi dk. With our clear step-by-step instructions, you can easily crochet the little figures for mobiles, garlands, key rings, lucky charms and much more.

Ricorumi Fresh Friends

We're celebrating a fruit party – and we're not only inviting you to happy fruits, but also to cheerful veggies! The figures are clean and graphic, reduced in design and have friendly faces. That makes them modern and playful at the same time. You crochet the cute characters with our new yarns Ricorumi Spin Spin and Ricorumi Twinkly Twinkly. A sparkling glitter thread upgrades Ricorumi Twinkly Twinkly. Ricorumi Spin Spin conjures up harmonious colour gradients – sometimes tone on tone, sometimes mixed colours. The yarn comes in a 50 g ball, which is why this yarn is great for crocheting slightly larger figures. Due to our huge colour palette, you can combine all gradient colours with different plain shades. With the help of our step-by-step instructions, the living fruits and vegetables can be easily crocheted.

Ricorumi Element Heads

We will take you on an imaginative journey into the world of the four elements. From our new Ricorumi yarns we have designed super cute crochet figures that move in the elements of air, fire, water and earth. Here you can meet the moon, two suns, mother earth, the ocean and many other figures. Each figure you can find exciting colour gradients and lovely details in. We crochet with our brand new yarns Ricorumi Spin Spin, which conjures up super beautiful colour gradients, and Ricorumi Twinkly Twinkly, which is upgraded with a sparkling glitter thread. Spin Spin comes in a practical 50g ball – this makes it easy to see the gradients and you can also crochet slightly larger figures with them. With the help of the explanations in our step-by-step instructions, all figures are easy to implement.

Ricorumi Maritime

In our instruction booklet we take you to the sea. Let a fresh sea breeze blow into your house with our beautiful figures. We'll show you how to crochet maritime motifs such as lighthouses, seagulls, fish and a cute seal. We crochet with the practical 25g balls of our popular cotton yarn Ricorumi in classic coastal colours. As an atmospheric home decoration, our modern models instantly bring that beach feeling into your four walls.

Ricorumi Cute, Cuter, Kawaii

Cute, cuter, kawaii - welcome to our colourful kawaii world! If you like amigurumis, you will love this booklet! Whether funny little fruits with faces, imaginative dinosaurs, a duck dad with his chicks, the happy bunny or the slumbering fox – the characters, which seem very different at first glance, have one thing in common: They are all designed in kawaii style and therefore are so cute, that you would like to start crocheting straight away. All designs delight with playful details such as sewn-on cheeks, cute faces and well thought-out shapes. The earthy and pastel colours of our popular Ricorumi yarn are crocheted in the equally cute 25g ball.

Ricorumi Rainbow

Now it's getting really colourful! Our new Ricorumi characters shine in bright rainbow colours. We'll show you how to crochet super cute funny figures: either in typical rainbow colours, in warm tones or in pastel shades. In addition to the rainbow garland, rainbows with and without faces and a cloud, there are toucans, flowers, a bunny and a summer ice cream cone. All models will spread good mood in your own home and are also perfect as a cheerful gift idea. Tip: Of course you can crochet every model in your favourite colours.


Get ready for an extra-terrestrial adventure! With the help of this instruction booklet, you’ll be taking off into space in your rocket and exploring twinkling stars and glowing planets. A UFO heads towards you and two friendly aliens, Fredo and Frido, invite you to join them on an expedition to their planet – how cool is that?

Funny Fall

When it starts getting cooler outside, there is nothing better than cosying up to crochet super cute amigurumi figures. With the instructions in this booklet you can now create colourful autumnal figurines. Alongside the fox, raccoon and squirrel, you can also hear hedgehogs and snails rustling through the leaves. And the magical toadstools are not to be missed!

Pocket Pals

How about a cute lucky charm for your jacket pocket? The sweet animals from our publication RICORUMI POCKET PALS are super easy to crochet and are a sweet pocket companion wherever you go – a cool gift idea!


Our publication RICORUMI DRESS ME is filled with great patterns for beautiful handmade crochet figures and pretty accessories and cute ideas for cute garments. With this book you can create beautiful outfits for your figurines. The comprehensible easy to follow patterns make it easy to crochet cute bags, backpacks, shoes, sweaters, tops, skirts and trousers- all in miniature size.


Roll up, roll up, for our Ricorumi Circus! In our instruction booklet RICORUMI CIRCUS CIRCUS you will find everything that you need for a colourful circus. As well as the red and white circus tent, there are instructions for an official ringmaster, a hilarious clown, an agile artist and super cute circus animals: the elephant, monkey and lion impress the audience with amazing stunts. Quirky little details are characteristic for the colourful circus troupe – perfect for playing or as a gift! The figures are crocheted using the cute 25g bundles of thread from Ricorumi dk, Ricorumi Print dk, Ricorumi Lamé, Ricorumi Spray dk and Ricorumi Neon dk.