Get ready for an extra-terrestrial adventure! With the help of this instruction booklet, you’ll be taking off into space in your rocket and exploring twinkling stars and glowing planets. A UFO heads towards you and two friendly aliens, Fredo and Frido, invite you to join them on an expedition to their planet – how cool is that?

Funny Fall

When it starts getting cooler outside, there is nothing better than cosying up to crochet super cute amigurumi figures. With the instructions in this booklet you can now create colourful autumnal figurines. Alongside the fox, raccoon and squirrel, you can also hear hedgehogs and snails rustling through the leaves. And the magical toadstools are not to be missed!

Pocket Pals

How about a cute lucky charm for your jacket pocket? The sweet animals from our publication RICORUMI POCKET PALS are super easy to crochet and are a sweet pocket companion wherever you go – a cool gift idea!


Our publication RICORUMI DRESS ME is filled with great patterns for beautiful handmade crochet figures and pretty accessories and cute ideas for cute garments. With this book you can create beautiful outfits for your figurines. The comprehensible easy to follow patterns make it easy to crochet cute bags, backpacks, shoes, sweaters, tops, skirts and trousers- all in miniature size.


Roll up, roll up, for our Ricorumi Circus! In our instruction booklet RICORUMI CIRCUS CIRCUS you will find everything that you need for a colourful circus. As well as the red and white circus tent, there are instructions for an official ringmaster, a hilarious clown, an agile artist and super cute circus animals: the elephant, monkey and lion impress the audience with amazing stunts. Quirky little details are characteristic for the colourful circus troupe – perfect for playing or as a gift! The figures are crocheted using the cute 25g bundles of thread from Ricorumi dk, Ricorumi Print dk, Ricorumi Lamé, Ricorumi Spray dk and Ricorumi Neon dk.

Crazy Cute Family

With the help of the patterns in this book and our Ricorumi yarns, you can crochet an entire family. The lovely little 25g balls of our ever-popular cotton yarn Ricorumi dk are now available in 20 trendy muted colours, in cool spray and print-effect varieties, as well as in sparkling gold and silver lamé. All our yarns are ideal for the Crazy Cute Family, as every family member has its own distinctive look including bespoke detailing.

Wild Wild Animals

It's about to get wild: seals and narwhals, monkeys and lions, donkeys and parakeets, crocodiles and koalas – our Wild Wild Animals come from all over the world. The super sweet animals are crocheted using our Ricorumi plain colours as well as using the variants Ricorumi Spray dk, Print dk, and Lamé.


Our spring-like amigurumi bring cheer and spring atmosphere inside the house. HEARTBREAKERS brings together unbelievably cute amigurumi figures and lots of new decoration ideas. With the dinky little 25g balls of our tried-and-tested Ricorumi dk cotton yarn and our clear, step-by-step instructions, you can crochet super-cute rabbits, lambs, egg warmers, easter eggs, garlands and pretty flowers in modern pastel shades.

It must be love

Love is in the air, which means that you’re sure to fall head over heels for our ricorumi models! Our tokens of love in the shape of cute amigurumi figures and designs will definitely get your heart racing. With the aid of small 25g skeins of our popular cotton yarn, Ricorumi dk, Creative Lamé effect yarn and our step-by-step instructions, you too will be able to create lovely hearts, swans, flamingos, lovebirds, roses and a cherubic cupid and will soon be living la vie en rose!

Ricorumi Jolly X-Mas Classical

The cute 25 g balls of our popular cotton yarn Ricorumi are perfect for cute Christmas figures and crocheted tree ornaments or gift tags. Our instruction booklet provides you with a lot of crocheting suggestions for the most wonderful season of the year. Father Christmas is of course accompanied by Rudolph, the reindeer, a sweet angel and a cute elf. In addition there is a mini Christmas tree, hollies and mistle-toe as well as candy canes and baubles in festive Christmas colours.

Ricorumi Jolly X-Mas Pastel

Crocheting is especially fun during the (pre-) Christmas season. The cute 25 g balls of our cotton yarn Ricorumi are perfect for crocheting cute Christmas figures and beautiful tree ornaments. Christmas becomes pastel coloured with this booklet. It provides you with plain and clear step-by step instructions for Christmas Amigurumis and baubles in beautiful coordinated pastel colours.