Crafted Nature

Crafted Nature Collection

Brushstrokes, swabs, floral designs- our new fabric collection CRAFTED NATURE reflects the easiness of DIY and the charm of the imperfect. Carefree, lively and modern patterns are formed using paint splatters,- swabs and visible brushstrokes. The collection includes 10 classic cotton yarns (115g/sqm), 6 jersey fabrics (200g/sqm), 6 muslin fabrics (100g/sqm), 2 PU coated fabrics (160g/sqm) and – brand new- 2 Sweatshirt fabrics (250g/sqm). The new qualities contain 70% cotton and 30% polyester. We present 35 fantastic designs made using our fabrics in specially created sewing patterns. Apart from clothes for Ladies, Children and Babies there are also accessories like purses and bags and many Home accessory options to. The simple step-by-step instructions and the detailed cutting patterns guarantee the ease of sewing.

Crafted Nature Fabrics