Our embroidery book No. 175 CUTE, CUTER, KAWAII shows incredibly cute cross stitch motifs in the trendy kawaii style. “Kawaii” is the Japanese term for “cute”, “childlike” and “lovable”. The kawaii culture stands for a Japanese aesthetic concept that embodies innocence, playfulness and childliness. The models include home decoration items for children’s room and terry towels for embroidery. Look forward to super cute embroidered pictures, wall hangings, pillows, (sleeve) bibs, washing gloves, bathrobes and bath towels with hoods. It is embroidered on terry fabrics in white and in our new color Pale Lilac. The book contains counting patterns for incredibly cute characters: foxes, ducks, rabbits, dinosaurs and fruits with cute faces come together to form a cheerful, colourful kawaii family. Many of the designs can be personalized with lettering - ideal for birth gifts.

Kawaii book

Kawaii accessoires