Here you can find our selection of video instructions. Have fun crafting!


Instruction Friendship Bracelet Kit





Instruction Macrame / Ground glass Bead Sets

Macrame and ground glass bead sets in six different colors!

Each set makes three different bracelets.



Instruction Fashion Fluffy

Fashion fluffy is light and fluffy to the touch, and that’s where it gets its name from. It is a yarn in a trendy fur-look.

One 100g ball is enough to knit a scarf.





Instruction PaperPoetry® Froebel stars

Use simple paper strips to make beautiful Froebel stars – a great decoration for every season and occasion.




Instruction Wild Wild Wool - Crochet Hat

Wild Wild Wool – Crochet a hat in just 2 hours! The video instructions for crocheting this really cool hat are especially for beginners!





MY MeMo Video

1)      Super Tapes, Sticky Notes and lovely My MeMo Books make your memories unforgettable. With My MeMo you can capture and decorate your memories and photos on paper.


Use My MeMo tapes to secure your mementos in the books, available in three different themes lovely, organizer, and stylish, each with 60 pages offering a variety of designs.  An extra personal note can be added to any or every page using Sticky Notes.