macrame flower box

Material overview

Macrame flower box 7090.62.60 – 7090.62.65




Step 1

Start by choosing a disc or charm and thread to go with it. Cut off about 30cm of thread and bring both ends together.  


Step 2

Thread both ends together from behind through the loop on the disc and pull tight.


Step 3

Thread a small black bead over both ends and tie a knot. To secure the bead, tie another knot in front of it. To get the knot tight against the bead, use a straight needle to slide it up to the bead.


Step 4

Secure the base thread to a pillow with a pin. Then cut another piece of thread about 60 cm (the knotting thread) and place it in the middle under the base thread.


Step 5

Now start with a right macrame knot (see illustrations 1-4).

Lay the right cord over the base cord and under the left cord. Then lay the left cord under the base to the right and pull it up through the loop made by the right cord. This makes the knot. Now carefully pull it tight.


Step 6

Lay the left cord over the base cord and then under the right cord. Then lay the right cord under the base cord to the left. Pull the right cord up through the loop made by the left cord. Now carefully pull the knot tight. Now make a right knot. Repeat this process until you have about 4cm of knots.


Step 7

The end should be glued directly with Rico Design Hobby Glue at the last knot so that they don’t come undone. Once dried, cut off the excess thread. Repeat Steps 1-7 on the other side.


Step 8

Now lay both ends of the base cord against each other, with the finishing bead of one end at macramé of the other and secure it to a pillow with a safety pin. Now cut 30 cm cord to make another knotting cord. Lay the knotting cord under the middle of the base cords and tie a right knot. Now tie a left knot. Repeat this process until 3cm have been knotted.  


Step 9

Carefully glue the ends to the last knot.

Important: Don’t get the glue on the base cord! If you do, you will not be able to slide the cords! Allow to dry and trim the ends off.



Step-by-step Bilder