Instruction Scarf Yarn Bags


Scarf Yarn Bag


S: Cancan Disco (ca. 14 x 18cm)

M: Loopy (ca. 28 x 30cm), Cancan Print (ca. 20 x 25cm),

Loopy Pompon (ca. 24 x 27cm)

L: Loopy Print (ca. 30 x 35cm), Cancan (ca. 26 x 30cm),

Loopy Pompon Print (ca. 29 x 34cm), Cancan Glitz (ca. 25 x 28cm)



k  knit

p  purl

r  row(n)

rnd round

st stitch



S: Cancan Disco 200g

M: Loopy 450g, Cancan Print 400g, Loopy Pompon 400g

L: Loopy Print 750g, Cancan 600g, Loopy Pompon Print 600g, Cancan Glitz 600g

8mm Rico circular knitting needle, 60cm

8mm Rico set of double-pointed needles (for size S)

1 button each, Union Knopf Art. No. 19589


Tension Loopy (Print)

4 sts 14 rs to 10cm over garter stitch using 8mm needles

Tension Loopy Pompon (Print)

8 sts and 16 rs to 10cm

Tension Cancan (Print) / Cancan Disco / Cancan Glitz

5 sts and 16 rs to 10cm

[S (M – L)] Instructions for sizes M and L are given in (…).


Cast on 30 (35 – 45) sts with the whole thread, join into a round and work all rnds in garter stitch, alternating k and p rnds.

Rnds 1, 3 and 5: K.

Rnds 2, 4 and 6: P.

Rnd 7: Join a 2nd ball of yarn to run alongside first ball. (Hold it against the top edge of the work with curly side facing outwards.) With Loopy yarns insert

needle into every other loop at the top edge of the ribbon of the 2nd ball and with Cancan yarns insert needle ca. 4cm apart into upper edge of the ribbon (make sure the ribbon curls outwards).

K through the ribbon with the whole thread of 1st ball. Continue next three rnds with 1st ball only, leaving the second ball aside.

Rnds 8 and 10: P with whole thread of first ball

Rnd 9: K

Rnd 11: As rnd 7, pulling up the yarn of the 2nd ball over rnds 8 – 10.

Continue in garter stitch, repeating rnds 7 – 10 three times (5x – 8x),

making 4 (6 – 9) ruffle rows.

Cast off


To make up

Weave in loose ends, sew up bottom of bag with matching colour thread and sew on button.

For the shoulder strap of bag size S unroll 3 x 2m of yarn from the ball, braid and sew one end to one side of the bag. Tie the other side of the strap to the bag, so you can vary the length.

For the shoulder strap of bag size M (L) cast on 5 (6) sts with the whole thread and work in garter stitch (k every r). Knit to desired length (short strap: ca. 50cm, long strap: ca. 80cm and short handle: ca. 35cm) cast off and sew ends of strap to the sides of the bag.